Sunday, April 23, 2006

Still Sticking to My decision - Best Detroit Team

Its so great right now that we have teams that are doing so well. The Pistons are doing great, the Tigers are doing better than what they normally do but the Wings...o man. They just went into the playoffs against the Edmonton and the first game was extremely great. They had went into double overtime to decide who would win the game and the Wings did. But the second game tonight wasn't so great. They lost 4-2 but it was really close through out the whole game. The last goal was just because that the Wings took out their goalie to put anohter player on the ice and they scored the goal. But I know that the Wings are going to make it or atleast go to the final round. They have a great team this year but so does the rest of the times. Only time will tell and we will see which team holds the Stanley cup.


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