Sunday, April 23, 2006

Last Class Blogging

The class ended April 21,2006. It was a very nice final day. I want to take this time that I enjoyed working with each and every single one of you. I really enjoyed this class. It really helped me more to look deeper into my writing but still I think I need more improvement. I liked participating in class more but the quality of my presentations is still yet to be desired. I was never really good at presenting at all which made it more difficult in one of my classes in a high school where one of my presentations had to span the time of one class period. I would like to thank Ms. Kim Lacey for the very nice instruction in our class and a very nice job in linking the theme of our class to what was going on in Detroit now. I really enjoyed writing these blogs as well. They were a nice outlet to me and to my experiences that I have had so far this year. It is a nice thing to look back at to see what I have done and what was going on. I will try to keep posting and I will keep the links as the same. But hopefully I will see everybody in our later classes and hope that everyone does well. You can always catch me on campus, on AIM, email me, my myspace and so on. I bid everyone farewell and good luck on your future endeavors.


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