Sunday, April 23, 2006

Last Class Blogging

The class ended April 21,2006. It was a very nice final day. I want to take this time that I enjoyed working with each and every single one of you. I really enjoyed this class. It really helped me more to look deeper into my writing but still I think I need more improvement. I liked participating in class more but the quality of my presentations is still yet to be desired. I was never really good at presenting at all which made it more difficult in one of my classes in a high school where one of my presentations had to span the time of one class period. I would like to thank Ms. Kim Lacey for the very nice instruction in our class and a very nice job in linking the theme of our class to what was going on in Detroit now. I really enjoyed writing these blogs as well. They were a nice outlet to me and to my experiences that I have had so far this year. It is a nice thing to look back at to see what I have done and what was going on. I will try to keep posting and I will keep the links as the same. But hopefully I will see everybody in our later classes and hope that everyone does well. You can always catch me on campus, on AIM, email me, my myspace and so on. I bid everyone farewell and good luck on your future endeavors.

Best Pizza EVER in Detroit

Ok, there are alot of places in which I thought they had the best pizza. It was very good pizza but not compared to Niki's in Detroit. It has been a while since I had had the pizza but I can still remember how it was. Because do you remember reading the article about it in class? Well my dad has been there before a couple of times and always bragged about it when he came home saying that he had Niki's Pizza for lunch because he was in the area. We went there and oh my. I was impressed. The pizzas were pricey and we did take them home (remind you I live in Sterling Heights) which was a good 40 min drive. And we were still able to keep the pizzas piping hot. So many flavors came when you bit into the pizza. The Cheese was tasteful, the sauce slightly garlicy, the bread firm and still fluffy, and the crust was crunchy and had a hint of olive oil that they used. The only problem was there was not always enough sauce on each slice. But it was still good!!! So if you are in the area, you have to get this pizza!! Atleast have ot once, it is soo good!

Still Sticking to My decision - Best Detroit Team

Its so great right now that we have teams that are doing so well. The Pistons are doing great, the Tigers are doing better than what they normally do but the Wings...o man. They just went into the playoffs against the Edmonton and the first game was extremely great. They had went into double overtime to decide who would win the game and the Wings did. But the second game tonight wasn't so great. They lost 4-2 but it was really close through out the whole game. The last goal was just because that the Wings took out their goalie to put anohter player on the ice and they scored the goal. But I know that the Wings are going to make it or atleast go to the final round. They have a great team this year but so does the rest of the times. Only time will tell and we will see which team holds the Stanley cup.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Best Recent Metro-Detroit Concert

Ok, well I went to a concert on March 24th for my birthday :). It was the Queen + Paul Rodgers concert that was at the Palace. It was their first tour since they had their last concert in 1982. And I am glad to say that the music had hardly changed. Sure, it didn't sound exactly the same because Freddie Mercury wasn't there to sing because he had passed away. Still, this concert was so great because they played alot of the best songs and it wasn't one to miss!!

Paper Subject : "Detroit Rock City"

See I have picked Detroit Rock City for a reason among many. One of them being to add alittle more diversity among the projects that were being presented. The rock genre is still a great music form that can portray the same message or different messages that many other genres do as well. In my song, Kiss had used a DUI car accident to portray issues of drunk driving. They had used the dark atmosphere and the repretation of Detroit to aid in doing so. However, the song is very up-beat and you get lost in the chourus to find the message. Still, among many bands that use this genre to send messages Kiss did utilize the idea of it.