Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ultimate Nights Out

Some friends of mine came from out of town and wanted to have a good time one weekend. They had asked me to show them around to great performances that take place here in Detroit. We share the same interests in music and I show them what I feel would impress their taste in music.
Thursday evening, I thought of the idea to start with something, soft and easygoing. Something to have a big boastful impression that would be a nice start to the weekend. We have all played in a band during high school and enjoyed the large orchestrated pieces that we had played. We have never really gone to a performance, maybe once or twice however; we have never seen the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. I had taken them to the show to see an interpretation of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in C minor and to take them to hear a familiar composition Fantasia on a theme to hope to hear some familiar tunes. I thought this way we would be able to hear the different aspects that classical music presents such as dramatic dynamics, extravagant expressionism, and the large, voluminous sound of the Orchestra. Then followed by an exquisite meal at Cuisine which is conveniently located near the performance. The French-American options, spicy foods and elegant deserts would make it a fine ending to the sophisticated night.
The next evening we would return to the Max M. Fisher Music Center but not to visit another DSO performance but to experience a night of Jazz. I would pick up the weekend adding improvisation to the mix. The blasts of brass instruments, the strumming of percussion and the shuffling of the woodwind instruments all intermingling together, expressing themselves with solos along with the ensemble. We would experience professors of MSU perform a powerful performance of explosive jazz and to hear the Jazz that is developing in the area. I would not know the experience of performing Jazz, but my out-of-town friends would. Of course we would also enjoy the music with the passion that it is played. Followed by our experience with Jazz we would dine at Harlequin Cafe, where we would enjoy the dishes of cuisine food and live Jazz entertainment.
The next night would be the grand finale, the coup de grat of the weekend. We would first start off with lunch/dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit. Experiencing the surroundings that the Hard Rock Cafe is well known for, and to soak up the atmosphere along with the rock genre. The other event would be quite far from the Fisher Music Center, even Detroit, but it will still be a great event. At the Palace of Auburn Hills, I would take my friends to see Queen and Paul Rodgers. The licks of the guitars, explosiveness of the drums along with the amazing show that Queen is notorious for putting on. It would be great to experience an event with an ambiance that is bigger and better than you are, and that you are apart of that event that is taking place. It would be a great event to end the whole weekend and is my idea of the ultimate night out.

Posted by: Sarah Burton, Shaunte' Ethington and Patrick Watson.

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