Friday, March 31, 2006

"Hate Radio" Response

Here's the thing...I do agree with some of the responses that were made in the selection in matter of fact most of them. It is just that those shows may be racists, sexists, sadists, etc... the main radio shows that were portrayed such as the Howard Stern Show or the Rush Limbaugh Show could not be entirely sorrunding those subjects. They have shows that portray what the audience wants and what the demand is. There are always going to be people who have opposing views that either could be positive or negative. In this case, extremely negative. However, this all depends on the listener. All of these broadcasts could be taken extremely seriously, or just be listen to for enertainment purposes and not be taken serious at all. What they say can be extremely serious but it also infringes on their admendment I rights. It is true that some words etc can be contolled by the FCC but they still have the right to discuss topic manner as they see fit. Which under the same admendment allowed "Hate Radio" to be written as well. The rights are the same for every body, however they unlike people should not be discriminated against. Even so, it may not always be the case but the admendment still allows people to say what they want and if that freedom, among many others that we hold dear and use frequently, is taken away we would definately lose more in the future.


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