Sunday, February 26, 2006

Worst Detroit decision Ever Made

Ok, this decision has really made me angry since I have heard about it in the news and on the radio. I believe it is the worst decision that Detroit has ever made. The city has claimed that the Zoo is one of our "gems", and now they are going to get rid of it. Many people from inside the city and from the suburbs both enjoy the zoo and the many attractions it brings to adults and children. The city board believes that this is a control issue, that they aren't "slaves" anymore. (Saying that the city is the black populous and the suburbs are the white populous and that the suburbs are trying to control the city's decision). Race shouldn't even be an issue, since racism is something we are supposed to be trying to get rid of to begin with. The city should look at what effect taking the zoo might be to the surrounding area as well, since the suburbs do supply a source of income to the city. This zoo is importaint to everyone in the surrounding area, young or old, black or white it doesn't matter. The zoo does alot for the city and is something that should be kept not taken away.


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