Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Response to Park Slope: Notes on a Middle Class "Utopia" from "Reading City Life" and Response From Wed. Class

Today's assignment was to read "Park Slope: Notes on a Middle Class 'Utopia' ". My inital response was that the story didn't seem exciting at all. The selection seemed too generic. The story was descriptive and did portray the setting well. However, somewhere in the middle Jan Rosenberg had just lost my attention. Pretty much it seemed like a sub-urban community. In class discussion did point out a few things, and brought some aspects to life. However, it still didn't do enough for me. The reason for my lack of interest could be the voice that the story was told with, the way it was told just did not seem interesting. But a story that I did enjoy that did seem to be told in the same way was Cold Sassy Tree by: Olive Ann Burns, which was life in Cold Sassy, Georgia in the early 20th century. I did enjoy the book, but the rest of the class's opinion was similar to what we had in class today. They thought that the book was not that enjoyable. But if you do read it is a pretty good book that I would suggest.


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