Friday, February 17, 2006

Response to Monday's class and RCL "School Shooting and White Denial"

I really just wanted to make the comment that there are various publications (such as in this book) that approach this topic. There was alot of talk about the Columbine High School shooting so I want to suggest a movie on this topic. I know that this writer/director/producer is very liberal and is known by some people to put a spin on a topic but I suggest Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine. It takes a look at different reasons of what could have caused this incident such as reasons at home, violence that is portrayed in the media, violence in video games (and its involvement in Columbine), Lockheed Martin (located within the same city), poverty, easy axcess to firearm ammunition (K-Mart),NRA, difference of violence in Canada compared to U.S (i.e. lack of violence in Canada) etc. It doesn't really blame any aspect, it just searchs for a reason that could have caused this. It also doesn't look at Columbine, it also looks at the poverty of Flint, a shooting at an metro-Detroit elementary school, a look at our Michigan Militia etc. Being that Michael Moore is from Michigan, some of the aspects do come back to our state. So I really recommend this movie because it is informative. Check it out!


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