Friday, February 17, 2006

Best Metro-Detroit Mexican restaurant

I know there are many great Mexican restaurants that are out there in the area, and I know a few that pretty much can match up to this one but a restaurant that I highly recommend is Abuelo's in Sterling Heights on Schoenherr Rd just off of M-59. It offered the most unique Mexican food that I had. They have many different types of enchiladas, tacos, burritos, etc. But a new item that I had tried a cheese chile relleno which was excellent. They have many creative tomato based, sour cream, and ranch based sauces that comer along with the items. Salsa and tortilla chips are complimentary but you can also purchase a variety of dips that you can have along with the chips. Most importantly soft drinks are bottomless at $1.99, because some of the plates that they offer are spicy but still very tasty :). It is pricey (not the worst I have seen) but well worth it. This is the only location that exists in this state but there are many in the country and looks like the origins lie near Texas. The ambiance of the restaurant inside is very comfortable and upbeat. That aspect is very important to me and they had fulfilled it. Very upbeat, very friendly, and gourmet food. I highly recommend this restaurant.



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