Sunday, February 26, 2006

Worst Detroit decision Ever Made

Ok, this decision has really made me angry since I have heard about it in the news and on the radio. I believe it is the worst decision that Detroit has ever made. The city has claimed that the Zoo is one of our "gems", and now they are going to get rid of it. Many people from inside the city and from the suburbs both enjoy the zoo and the many attractions it brings to adults and children. The city board believes that this is a control issue, that they aren't "slaves" anymore. (Saying that the city is the black populous and the suburbs are the white populous and that the suburbs are trying to control the city's decision). Race shouldn't even be an issue, since racism is something we are supposed to be trying to get rid of to begin with. The city should look at what effect taking the zoo might be to the surrounding area as well, since the suburbs do supply a source of income to the city. This zoo is importaint to everyone in the surrounding area, young or old, black or white it doesn't matter. The zoo does alot for the city and is something that should be kept not taken away.

Ways representation and perception is effected though presentation.

Many people use this example in our history to go back to time and time again and can be related to other instances concerning representation and perception being effected by presentation. Propaganda is a form of what this idea really is. In WWII the Nazi movement used flyers and sent messages to try to represent themselves differently. They tried to change the perception of the movement by attempting to present themselves in a different light. This strategy did work for a very small ammount of people but the other people knew what they we're all about.
These images were used to attempt to stur up emotion and make the person think more about how the movement appealed to them. This is what they based their propaganda off of representation and pereception or their movement being presented differently.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Representation of Philadelphia, PA

In class Wednesday we had researched a major city for each group. My group had chosen Philadelphia. We have found 2 negative articles, 2 positive articles, and crime stats comparing Philadelphia and Detroit. We have also found some pictures and we were given another website in Friday's class.

2 Positive Articles
"Got a gun? Turn it in, get Sixers tickets."
"Cherished Rink Still on its Feet"
2 Negative Articles
"2 Men Sentenced in S. Philadelphia Crossburning"
"School Teacher Makes Deal to Avoid Sex Trial"
(All four articles are from from the Philadelphia
Iquierer, if you want web adresses just ask)

In 2000
Philadelphia Detroit
Murders: 314 N/A
Rapes: 1,021
Robberies: 10,425
Assults: 11,047
Burglaries: 12,049
Thefts: 46,952
Car Thefts: 16,147

In 2004
Murders: 330 385
Rapes: 1,001 719
Robberies: 9,757 5,451
Assults: 9,814 9,358
Buglaries: 10,536 12,202
Thefts: 37,808 20,640
Car Thefts: 12,587 24,573

Population in 2004
Philadelphia - 1,436,287
Detroit - 970,996

Images that we looked at can be found at

Friday, February 17, 2006

Best Metro-Detroit Mexican restaurant

I know there are many great Mexican restaurants that are out there in the area, and I know a few that pretty much can match up to this one but a restaurant that I highly recommend is Abuelo's in Sterling Heights on Schoenherr Rd just off of M-59. It offered the most unique Mexican food that I had. They have many different types of enchiladas, tacos, burritos, etc. But a new item that I had tried a cheese chile relleno which was excellent. They have many creative tomato based, sour cream, and ranch based sauces that comer along with the items. Salsa and tortilla chips are complimentary but you can also purchase a variety of dips that you can have along with the chips. Most importantly soft drinks are bottomless at $1.99, because some of the plates that they offer are spicy but still very tasty :). It is pricey (not the worst I have seen) but well worth it. This is the only location that exists in this state but there are many in the country and looks like the origins lie near Texas. The ambiance of the restaurant inside is very comfortable and upbeat. That aspect is very important to me and they had fulfilled it. Very upbeat, very friendly, and gourmet food. I highly recommend this restaurant.


Response to Monday's class and RCL "School Shooting and White Denial"

I really just wanted to make the comment that there are various publications (such as in this book) that approach this topic. There was alot of talk about the Columbine High School shooting so I want to suggest a movie on this topic. I know that this writer/director/producer is very liberal and is known by some people to put a spin on a topic but I suggest Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine. It takes a look at different reasons of what could have caused this incident such as reasons at home, violence that is portrayed in the media, violence in video games (and its involvement in Columbine), Lockheed Martin (located within the same city), poverty, easy axcess to firearm ammunition (K-Mart),NRA, difference of violence in Canada compared to U.S (i.e. lack of violence in Canada) etc. It doesn't really blame any aspect, it just searchs for a reason that could have caused this. It also doesn't look at Columbine, it also looks at the poverty of Flint, a shooting at an metro-Detroit elementary school, a look at our Michigan Militia etc. Being that Michael Moore is from Michigan, some of the aspects do come back to our state. So I really recommend this movie because it is informative. Check it out!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Best Detroit Radio Station

I KNOW by far that the best radio station in Detroit is 101.1 WRIF. Expecially now, how they are covering of the Super Bowl events it is just amazing. They play great music, and the radio personalities make it just fitting for the general rock genre. They have good contests, great concert update info, and they fit well with the general public. They do have a website It is also a great website.

But they really have a great morning radio crew too. Drew and Mike have covered the Super Bowl very well. They have represented WRIF and Detroit with great ambassadorship. They present events, interviews and their own views with a great truth and reality. So if you listen in the morning on your morning commute I highly recommend to tune into this station.
You can listen to this station online too!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Response to Park Slope: Notes on a Middle Class "Utopia" from "Reading City Life" and Response From Wed. Class

Today's assignment was to read "Park Slope: Notes on a Middle Class 'Utopia' ". My inital response was that the story didn't seem exciting at all. The selection seemed too generic. The story was descriptive and did portray the setting well. However, somewhere in the middle Jan Rosenberg had just lost my attention. Pretty much it seemed like a sub-urban community. In class discussion did point out a few things, and brought some aspects to life. However, it still didn't do enough for me. The reason for my lack of interest could be the voice that the story was told with, the way it was told just did not seem interesting. But a story that I did enjoy that did seem to be told in the same way was Cold Sassy Tree by: Olive Ann Burns, which was life in Cold Sassy, Georgia in the early 20th century. I did enjoy the book, but the rest of the class's opinion was similar to what we had in class today. They thought that the book was not that enjoyable. But if you do read it is a pretty good book that I would suggest.