Sunday, January 29, 2006

Response to Bloods/Crips Proposal for LA's Face Lift from "Reading City Life"

There just something about that proposal that doesn't seem right. Sure the proposal and all of the suggestions are very sound and nessesary for some/most of the proposals to be achieved. But at what cost? The Budget Demands from the conclusion were as follows...

Budget Demands
Proposal for LA's Face Lift - $2,000,000,000
Educational Proposal - $700,000,000
Law Enforcement Proposal - $6,000,000
Economic Development Proposal - $20,000,000
Human Welfare Proposal - $1,000,000,000
Total - $3,726,000,000
Thats three billion, seven-hundred twenty-six million dollars. To me that is unrealistic in the ammount, in which no one can afford it. The taxes to be payed for this will be placed upon the middle/low classes and will solve nothing. It would make people poor and poor people poorer. Some of this shouldn't all be placed upon the govenment. People should take some of the issues into their own hands and try to make the area a better place. It just seems like the public doe not care what happens and it just takes something big inorder to change something, it is a problem in many areas of the nation. I would also hope that something along these lines would be placed into Detroit, to try to make the city better than it is now.


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