Sunday, January 29, 2006

Best Detroit Team

I know, I know that this will create conflict but my opinion is that the Detroit Red Wings is the best Detroit team. I know how well that the Pistons have been doing however, this team is my favorite team. They have won many chapionships, awards, name it. They are dated before November 22, 1927 (when the Olympia Stadium was built), and originated from Windsor, Ontario where hockey was created in Canada. I have gone to two of their games and they were absolutely amazing. That is why I think that the Detroit Redwings is the best Detroit team.

Response to Bloods/Crips Proposal for LA's Face Lift from "Reading City Life"

There just something about that proposal that doesn't seem right. Sure the proposal and all of the suggestions are very sound and nessesary for some/most of the proposals to be achieved. But at what cost? The Budget Demands from the conclusion were as follows...

Budget Demands
Proposal for LA's Face Lift - $2,000,000,000
Educational Proposal - $700,000,000
Law Enforcement Proposal - $6,000,000
Economic Development Proposal - $20,000,000
Human Welfare Proposal - $1,000,000,000
Total - $3,726,000,000
Thats three billion, seven-hundred twenty-six million dollars. To me that is unrealistic in the ammount, in which no one can afford it. The taxes to be payed for this will be placed upon the middle/low classes and will solve nothing. It would make people poor and poor people poorer. Some of this shouldn't all be placed upon the govenment. People should take some of the issues into their own hands and try to make the area a better place. It just seems like the public doe not care what happens and it just takes something big inorder to change something, it is a problem in many areas of the nation. I would also hope that something along these lines would be placed into Detroit, to try to make the city better than it is now.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Best River Front Restaurant

There is a restaurant on the river that I had been to twice called Sindbad's Restaurant. The first time I had been there, I had a special that they had there. It was a chicken alfredo pasta dish that was extremely delicious. The service was very nice and the ambience and scenery in the restaurant was beautiful. There was free valet parking but it is always nice to tip. My second visit was almost as nice, but we arrived later and it was more crowded. I did bring some extra money and tried their lobster dinner, which was quite nice. They also had a shuttle service to and from events (both occasions I had gone there for Red Wings games). The menu has many tasteful dishes and the prices do vary. So if you want to check them out they do have a website @ Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Message, Method and Medium

This is a picture that I have chosen for my english class concerning message, method and medium.
I have chosen a political cartoon rather than an add because the very nature of a political cartoon utilizes what message, method and medium is all about. In reguards to the message of the political cartoon, it is portraying a message that shows the general public thoughts about the weather in 2005. The symbols over the baby's head show that the public is afraid of what that is coming in the year 2006. The method and medium is all apart of the political cartoon and is what makes the political cartoon what it is.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Smells Like Team Spirit - Nirvana (Music Video)

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The first post!!!!

Yeah...this was created for my English course but it is also nice to have other places where I could post. Hopefully other people will read this and hopefully reply? *tries to be optimistic* I already have a myspace account @ So If you wanna check that out that would be a great place too :).